Ski Wednesday: Spreading joy of the sport

From the Boston Herald (read the full article here):

A Massachusetts-raised, Jackson, New Hampshire-based lifelong skier who also happens to be a high school music director has secured a prestigious Share Winter Foundation ( grant to introduce dozens of the inner city high school students she works with to the mountain sports life.

Danielle Trial Lucini, Music Director at Mount Pleasant High School in Providence, was awarded a grant to bring as many as 50 students, many of them transplants from spots like the Dominican Republic and other non-snow climates, and put them on skis and in the proper winter attire, in ski school and best of all, she says, experiencing first hand the beauty of the winter sport.

The grant is a next step – a big one, she says – in a project she started when she and another school staffer who loves to ski were on a chairlift and had a brainstorm: Let’s get these kids out here.

Lucini pulled it together with a bit of wing and prayer. She reached out to ski areas for discount passes and lessons, scoured her sources for donations and turned to social media for gear and attire donations.

From the first day she saw the kids out on snow at Yagoo Ski Area in Rhode Island, she knew she was on to something.

From the Boston Herald (read the full article here):