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Since 2017, Share Winter has introduced over 111,500 children to winter sports, totaling more than 1,021,800 experiences.

In snowy landscapes across the nation, the first-time thrill of skiing or snowboarding unfolds
for countless youths. Each year, Share Winter grantees open up a world of possibilities
introducing tens of thousands of kids each year to the joys of winter sports. From tentative
first steps on the slopes to exhilarating descents, these programs ensure that the magic of
winter is a shared experience by people of all backgrounds, enriching lives and fostering a
sense of accomplishment in conquering new heights.

Frozen Thresholds

The winter sports scene grapples with notable challenges in diversity and economic equality, marked by predominantly White participation and limited representation from Black, Latinx, and Native American communities. Income disparities are evident, with White families generally earning more than Hispanic and Black families. The financial hurdles associated with a day on the slopes, encompassing transportation, accommodation, and equipment costs, further contribute to the lack of diversity in winter sports participation.

Median Household Income by Race

Demographic Makeup of Winter Sports Participants by Race

Average Cost Range for a Ski Holiday

Furthermore, the convergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, escalating climate change concerns, a waning interest in outdoor recreation, and rising operational costs has created significant challenges for winter sports charities, impeding their ability to secure funding for vital programming.

National Ski Areas Association, 2022

One Mountain, Many Trails

By bringing winter sports philanthropy under one umbrella, Share Winter maximizes its impact, ensuring that every dollar invested goes further in creating a more accessible and diverse winter sports landscape. As the principal youth winter sports funder our position allows us to leverage a large network of 65 grantee organizations across 27 states to bring tens of thousands of youth to the mountain. In doing so we:

  • Break down material barriers by ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder children’s access to winter sports.
  • Ensure fiscal responsibility by promoting efficient and accountable use of resources.
  • Measure success through established benchmarks, and the foundation templatizes successful endeavors to maximize impact across all grantees.
  • Help grantees become part of a larger network, opening doors and creating opportunities that might be challenging to attain independently.
  • Lead by example by setting the tone for inclusive winter sports participation, contributing to the survival of the industry by diversifying participants.

Embracing a Distinctive Approach to Philanthropy


Share Winter transcends conventional funding practices. Beyond the routine of check-writing and year-end reports, we commit to a unique strategy, funding programs for 3-5 years and providing comprehensive support for growth and efficiency. We provide ongoing program monitoring, analysis, thought leadership, and strategic support, implementing best practices and industry insights. Operating in urban and rural areas, our grantees include public schools, US Ski and Snowboard Clubs, non-profit ski areas, and recreation departments. National funding is complemented by connecting all programs to a network of winter sports advocates.


Our requirements mandate grantees to offer at least 4 on-snow days per participant and establish pathways for continued participation post-program. By funding diverse programs and addressing barriers through innovative solutions, we share collective knowledge to benefit the winter sports industry. Working in both urban and rural areas with various organizations, our approach ensures effectiveness, fostering collaboration and information sharing for inclusive winter sports access for
underserved youth.

Our Impact: Winter 2023

Youth on Snow At 87 Mountains

Grantee Organizations From 27 States


Grantee Organizations From 27 States

$ 0

Grantee Organizations From 27 States

$ 0 M+

Your Support Goes Beyond The Slopes

Share Winter’s strategic vision is the driving force behind a transformative approach to winter sports philanthropy. Your support enables us to amplify our impact, reaching more underserved youth and fostering inclusivity across communities.

The Share Winter Foundation’s donors play a pivotal role in advancing our mission by:

  • Expanding access to winter sports through diverse and sustainable programs.
  • Strengthening the capacity of our network, connecting organizations in urban and rural areas.
  • Investing judiciously to ensure the longevity of our programs, even in challenging economic climates.
  • Innovating with forward-thinking initiatives that break down barriers and engage a growing number of young participants.

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